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The 4oz. Arched Child Resistant Glass Jar adds a sleek aesthetic to reliable child resistant packaging.

Each of these airtight marijuana jars is instantly distinguished by its arching, dome-like, black child resistant cap, accessible through a simple push-and-turn locking mechanism. The result is a chic, contemporary look that keeps function firmly pressed to fashion.

These glass jars are the perfect storage container for cannabis, presenting an airtight, hygienic material that’s tried and true. 

Each glass marijuana container holds up to 4 ounces of product.

  • Height: 3.4 inches length top to bottom
  • Material: Glass
  • Internal Mouth Diameter: 2 inches
  • Base Diameter: 2.7 inches
  • Capacity: 7 grams
  • Use with: Flower, Edibles
  • Child Resistant Screw Cap
  • Liner Type: Polyethylene foam

4oz Arched Child Resistant Glass Jar - 100 Count

Color: Black

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