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It’s hard to find the fun in replacing the glass cartridge in your buttonless vaporizer so it helps when the deals are this good. Holding up to a bountiful 1ml of liquid concentrate, one of these replacement vaporizer cartridges is designed to work with any standard buttonless vaporizer. Changing out your portable vaporizer’s cartridge every so often contributes to its performance. At this price, getting that premium performance out of your buttonless vaporizer is definitely worth it. 

  • Size: 1ml
  • Oil hole - 0.9mm
  • 2 Part cartridge
  • Glass cartridge
  • Mouth piece included
  • Refill cartridge
  • Color: Silver

Disclaimer: Due to the wide range of concentrate viscosity in the industry, we advise customers to test these items upon receipt. It is recommended to fill a sample size of cartridges to test for compatibility prior to filling a complete batch.


Buttonless Vaporizer Glass Cartridge w/ 0.9mm hole - 1ML - 100 Count

SKU: #OSPA3-10

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