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Humidity Pack

INTEGRA | Boost Humidity Packs | 53mm - 55% - 100 Count

$0.15 PER UNIT $15.00 PER CASE


Compatible with 53mm caps, these Integra Boost Packs offer a seamless fit to your caps’ inner lining and seal with ease onto your dispensary jars. Integra Boost Humidity Packs perfectly control humidity levels for all your drying, curing, storing and preserving needs. These boost humidity packs are salt-free and FDA-approved;all while providing you with a goldilocks solution to steer away from moldy flower and dry flower buds. Integra Humidity Packs are a surefire method of keeping your harvest fresher while extending longevity.

A handy Integra humidity pack uses a patent pending method to maintain storage contents at 55% humidity; the optimum humidity level for bud. Avoid mold while maintaining the flavor, aroma, and potency of your product. They’re perfect for dispensary jars that are constantly being reopened throughout the business day. Get the most out of your crop with Integra Boost Humidity Packs.

  • 100 units per order
  • Brand: Integra
  • Humidity: 55%
  • Humidity packs


Integra Boost Humidity Pack | 53mm - 55% | Sample



⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning

INTEGRA | Boost Humidity Packs | 53mm - 55% - 100 Count

SKU: 24375
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