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Working with waxes, oils, and concentrates can be sticky business but these Platinum Silicone Inserts literally put the lid on that mess. These inserts are perfect for situations where you’ve misplaced a few lids. Hey, it happens to the best of us but your product needn’t suffer thanks to these inserts! They’re precision crafted from non-stick top grade silicone to fit your 5ML containers like a glove. The silicone used in the design of these inserts is also non-toxic and fully FDA and LFGB-certified so you can partake in confidence. If that weren’t enough, each of these inserts combines design and material for a truly rugged, resistant cap keeping the contents of your containers safe and secure. 

  • Storage Volume: 5 ml
  • Material: Platinum silicone
  • Usage: Concentrates
  • White silicone insert
  • Safer interior
  • **Container NOT INCLUDED**

DISCLAIMER: Silicone and butane are considered incompatible. Using silicone containers to store products derived through butane-based extraction processes is not recommended.

Platinum Silicone Insert 5ML - 250 Count


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