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Pop Top Bottle

POLLEN GEAR | Child Resistant 100% Recyclable Opaque White Pop Box Pop Top Bottles | 20dr - 3.5g - 590 Count

$0.12 PER UNIT $68.97 PER CASE


POLLEN GEAR | Child Resistant 100% Recyclable Opaque White Pop Box Pop Top Bottles | 20dr - 3.5g - 590 Count



Dram Capacity


Approximate Flower Capacity (g)


Child Resistant


Tamper Evident










Total Height / Lid Closed (mm)


Body Dimensions - Upper Outside L x W (mm)

37.65mm x 37.65mm

Body Dimensions - Lower Outside L x W (mm)

32.68mm x 32.68mm

Body Dimensions - Inside (mm)

45.67mm x 45.67mm

Max Label Size W x H (mm)

56mm x 29mm


As we gaze into the future of marijuana packaging, we're excited to introduce the Pollen Gear Pop Box Seal Top Containers. These containers merge practicality with compliance, highlighted by their eco-friendly and customizable aspects. Perfect for dry plants, supplements, pills, and treats, these containers put child safety at the forefront without losing out on fashion or utility.


Observe the harmonious design of Pollen Gear's Pop Box Seal Top Containers. Their visual charm is equally matched by their utilitarian design, ensuring efficient storage for your products. Each container is spacious enough for your marijuana, dry plants, or treats, and the flat base offers an optimal space for straightforward labeling, enabling customers to easily identify your merchandise.


Select from our assortment of six distinctive container sizes, all adaptable to match your brand's essence. Whether different shades or textures are your choice, we've got an array. Furthermore, our seal top containers have demonstrated durability, outlasting many standard market alternatives fivefold. This resilience guarantees their ability to withstand supply chain challenges, retaining their charm on your store displays.


Our dedication to a greener world is evident in our products. Each container is fully recyclable, underscoring our stance on harmonizing current demands with future responsibilities. They also adhere to ASTM/CSPC guidelines for child safety and have FDA's nod for food-grade security. Use them with assurance, as they tick all regulatory boxes.


Here are several compelling reasons to consider these containers for your marijuana venture:

  • Personalization to align with your brand's look and feel.
  • Sturdy design promises a long lifespan.
  • Child-safe and in line with ASTM/CSPC guidelines.
  • Committed to the environment with 100% recyclability.
  • Affordable bulk pricing options.
  • Sample orders made simple online.
  • Smooth labeling due to their flat base.
  • Their non-transparent design ensures full state-wise compliance.
  • Optimally sized to hold 3.5 grams (half an ounce) of marijuana buds with a 20 dram capacity.


Our goal is centered on supplying you with child-safe, green, and fully recyclable seal top containers. We aim to uplift your marijuana brand or retail endeavor with these containers. By forging a prosperous alliance with you, we believe our own aspirations can be realized.


We're unwavering in our promise to provide child-proof, sustainable, and completely recyclable seal top containers. We're eager to join hands with you and amplify the value of these Pollen Gear Pop Box Seal Top Containers. Keep in mind, when you thrive, so do we.


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Sample Available Below:

POLLEN GEAR Child Resistant 100% Recyclable Opaque White Pop Box Pop Top Bottles | 20dr - 3.5g | Sample



⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning

POLLEN GEAR | Child Resistant 100% Recyclable Opaque White Pop Box Pop Top Bottl

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