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RAE | Ceramic Core Mesh Coil Glass Vape Cartridge w/ 1.5mm Aperture | 1mL - Hand Press - 100 

$1.56 PER UNIT $156.00 PER CASE


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Borosilicate Glass / Metal / Ceramic

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Check out a vaping experience like no other with the RAE Ceramic Mesh Coil Glass Vape Cartridge.


This state-of-the-art vape cartridge comes with a myriad of features tailored to deliver superior vaping performance to concentrate and oil brands, making it a favorite for those looking for high-performance vape hardware.


The cartridge is equipped with RAE's Mesh Coil. This innovative feature offers a more even heating distribution, eliminating the risk of burning terpenes and assisting in preserving flavors. What's more, the special mesh structure utilizes the highest grade NiCr, heating up much faster at a lower working temperature while distributing the heat evenly. In simpler terms, you get smooth, flavorful hits every single time.


A standout feature of this cartridge is its ceramic heating element. Manufactured in-house with consistent and high-quality ceramic, the element provides high porosity. This means maximally smooth smoke, improving the overall vaping experience.


One of the major concerns with many dab carts is the presence of heavy metals. Our RAE Ceramic Mesh Coil Glass Vape Cartridge is crafted to be completely free of heavy metals. The center post is made of 316L stainless steel to prevent heavy metal leaching, giving you the peace of mind you need.


Looking for an easy-to-fill vape cart? This cartridge got you covered. Additionally, it's designed to be compatible with a variety of packaging products including vape cartridge boxes and cartridge tubes.


  • RAE's Mesh Coil for even heat distribution
  • Ceramic heating element for smooth smoke
  • Heavy metal-free design
  • 316L stainless steel center post
  • 1.5mm Aperture Size
  • Easy to fill
  • Compatible with a variety of packaging products


But that's not all. We offer the cartridges at wholesale prices. If you're unsure, you can order samples directly online to test them out. Plus, the cartridges are customizable to your specific needs.


And let's not forget about compatibility. This empty vape cartridge has a 510 thread, meaning it's universally compatible with all 510 thread batteries. This makes it a highly versatile addition to any vape collection. Plus, the cartridge is resistant to leakage, eliminating one of the major headaches of using vape carts.


In essence, the RAE Ceramic Mesh Coil Glass Vape Cartridge offers a perfect blend of quality, performance, and versatility. Experience it today and take your vaping to the next level.


  • Product Certification (ISO): DOCUMENT




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The PACT Act limits this item to USPS or freight shipping. Order non-vape items separately to save on costs.


Sample Available Below:

RAE Ceramic Core Glass Vape Cartridge | 1mL - Hand Press | Sample



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RAE | Ceramic Core Mesh Coil Glass Vape Cartridge w/ 1.5mm Aperture | 1mL - Hand

SKU: 46536-100
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