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RAE | Nova Ultra Core Postless & Apertureless Plastic Vape Cartridge | 1mL - Arbor Press - 100 Count

$1.71 PER UNIT $171.98 PER CASE



Reservoir Volume (mL)



Plastic / Metal / Ceramic

Core/Heating Element Material


Mouthpiece Connection

Arbor Press

Resistance (Ohm)


Thread Connection




Total Height (mm)


Barrel Height (mm)


Barrel Diameter (mm)


Aperture Size (mm)



The RAE Nova Ultra Core can be the ultimate vaping experience with our innovative top fill cartridge made from high-quality PCTG material. This expertly designed cartridge features a compression fit mouthpiece, ensuring tamper resistance and security. To cap the cartridge, an arbor press or other capping tool is necessary, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


To achieve a fully seated mouthpiece, apply approximately 45kgF of force with your arbor press machine, while ensuring the cartridge remains upright and centered. Remember, using a hammer or mallet is not recommended. You cannot remove the mouthpiece after it has been placed without causing damage to the surface.


Keep in mind that inserting the mouthpiece immediately after filling is crucial to prevent leakage. Avoid twisting or rotating the mouthpiece during insertion, as a misaligned cartridge or uneven pressure can lead to leakage. Always ensure the cartridge is properly centered with the arbor press for optimal results.


The heating element boasts a threefold increase in heating surface area, accommodating optimal oil flow. Rest assured, all materials used in our heating elements are food-grade compliant and meet all legal standards.


Experience the power of RAE's Ultra Ceramic Coil with our arbor press carts. This cutting-edge micro-vaporizer technology allows for adjustable porosity, handling a wide range of viscosities. In order to maintain the perfect balance of taste and vapor volume, the Ultra's atomizer can quickly adapt its oil intake rate. Don't wait any longer, upgrade your vaping experience today!



  • uKERA Ultra Ceramic Coil: Experience unparalleled vapor quality.
  • No Center Post: Eliminates the need for a central post, enhancing overall design.
  • Cotton-Free & Nichrome-Free: Cleaner, safer vaping experience.
  • 14mm Diameter Cartridge: Sleek and stylish design for easy handling.


This product requires an additional 2-3 day processing time.


The PACT Act limits this item to USPS or freight shipping. Order non-vape items separately to save on costs.


Sample Available Below:

RAE Nova Ultra Core Postless & Apertureless Glass Vape Cartridge | 1mL - Arbor Press | Sample



⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning

RAE | Nova Ultra Core Postless & Apertureless Plastic Vape Cartridge | 1mL - Arb

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