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Vault SE 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Black - 1 Count

$15.98 PER UNIT


The Vault SE Batteries are the most practical and efficient portable oil cartridge vaporizers ever made. This device stands out from conventional battery chargers due to its various benefits.


The Vault SE Battery is perfect for folks who want their vaping experience to be practical and straightforward.One of the most impressive aspects of the Vault SE Battery is its dual temperature settings, which let users customize their experience to suit their preferences. The H and L buttons, which are located towards the top of the device, make it simple to adjust between high and low temperatures:

  • High Temperature (H): Activate the green LED light for more robust vapor production and thicker clouds, perfect for those who want an intense experience.
  • Low Temperature (L): Illuminate the red LED light for smooth, flavorful hits that deliver the full spectrum of your oil's taste.


The Vault SE Battery features customizable temperature settings as well as a strategically placed slot along the body that allows you to rapidly check the oil cartridge's level. Never again worry about unexpectedly running out of your chosen oil.


The Vault SE Battery also features two magnetic connectors, one short and one tall, for compatibility with various cartridges. The adapters' quick and easy installation allows you to switch between your favorite oils.

The button-activated or auto-draw options for taking a drag are available with the Vault SE Batteries.


The button-activated feature enables a more controlled draw while the auto-draw feature provides a straightforward, inhale-activated experience. Your vaping sessions will always be enjoyable and catered to your needs because both choices are made to accommodate a variety of

user preferences.


The Vault SE Battery, in summary, is an oil cartridge vaporizer that is adaptable and portable and goes beyond the limitations of conventional battery chargers. This product's numerous temperature settings, distinctive design with a cartridge viewing slot, magnetic connectors, and integrated 500mAh battery make it the ideal choice for people who value


simplicity and customization in their vaping experience. For a new and different vaping experience, pick the Vault SE Batteries.


Note: This item is not eligible for international shipping.


⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning

Vault SE 510 Thread Vape Battery with USB Charger | 500mAh - Black - 1 Count

SKU: 46592
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