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Our line of packaging for cannabis edibles is ideal for both the retail and medicinal environments at wholesale pricing, low minimums and fast shipping times.

Child-resistant Locking Pouches for Exit Bag Use | Tough for Kids, Easy for Adults

Designed to prevent the accidental ingestion of harmful chemicals and products not suitable for children. These bags feature a unique push release locking mechanism that is simple for adults to open, but extremely difficult for children to use. Intended for holding pharmaceuticals, cleaning pods that resemble candy, smaller cannabis infused products, and more. The tamper resistant lock allows these bags to work perfectly as exit containers (or exit bags) in the cannabis and marijuana industries. Complies with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D3475 child-resistant standards.

Child-resistant Locking Bag Features:

  • Child-resistant, two-handed locking mechanism and secured zipper to prevent children from opening (Complies with ASTM D3475 standards)

  • Quad-layer plastic and foil outside barrier for maximum protection

  • Food-safe, FDA approved

  • Complies with retail and medical marijuana exit container standards

  • Opaque barrier for added privacy

  • Ships and stores flat, saving a significant amount of money and warehouse space

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