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RAE Vapes



Patents in Vape Technology

Innovation is key in the ever-changing vaporizer market. RAE's advanced technology consistently delivers state-of-the-art vaping hardware.


Free of Heavy Metals

RAE's products are certified, compliant, and safe. Made with food grade materials, RAE's prioritization of health and safety reflects stringent standards.

42 Million+

Production Capacity Per Month

RAE possesses a massive production capacity, with the ability to produce over 42 million units per month. This scale allows RAE to meet high demand and maintain consistent quality.

Revolutionary Power, Down to the Core

High Performance Ceramic Core Vape Hardware

As a leader in the vape hardware industry, RAE is renowned for its commitment to quality, reliability, and technological innovation, striving for optimal performance and dependability.

RAE stands apart with its unmatched dedication to personalized vape solutions. Offering a wide range of customization options, RAE empowers brands to bring their unique vision to life, with a dedication to providing the best hardware in the industry.


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