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Replacing glass cartridges for buttonless vaporizers can seem like a hassle but deals this good take a bit of the sting away. One of these replacement cartridges can hold up to a generous 0.5ml of liquid concentrate. For portable vaporizers and vape pens to be working at their optimum, glass cartridges need to be replaced once in a while and one of these vaporizer cartridges is designed to accommodate any standard buttonless vaporizer. With this offer, you get a high quality replacement cartridge at a bargain price. 

  • Size: 0.5ml
  • Oil hole - 0.9mm
  • 2 Part cartridge
  • Glass cartridge
  • Mouth piece included
  • Refill cartridge
  • Color: Silver

Disclaimer: Due to the wide range of concentrate viscosity in the industry, we advise customers to test these items upon receipt. It is recommended to fill a sample size of cartridges to test for compatibility prior to filling a complete batch.


Buttonless Vaporizer Glass Cartridge w/ 0.9mm hole - 0.5ml - 100 Count

SKU: #OSPA3-05

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