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Jar with Cap

Child Resistant | Qube Clear Glass Concentrate Jar w/ Black Cap | 32mm - 5mL - 250 Count




Volume (mL)


Concentrate Capacity (g)





Clear with Black Cap


Glass / Plastic - Flint Glass (Jar) + Polypropylene (PP)(Cap) + Teflon (Cap Liner)



Total Height (mm)


Height w/o Cap (mm)


Neck Height (mm)


Neck Diameter (outer) (mm)


Neck Diameter (inner) (mm)


Base Length (mm)


Base Width (mm)


Material Thickness (mm)


Cap Height (mm)


Cap Length (mm)


Cap Width (mm)


Max Label Size W x L (mm)

29mm x 29mm


Meet the Qube 5mL Clear Glass Concentrate Jar, topped with a sleek black cap, a game-changer in the cannabis concentrate packaging arena. These classy jars are ideal for an array of products like dabs, oils, waxes, and beyond, making them a one-stop-shop for all your concentrate requirements.

Qube concentrate jars aren't just easy on the eyes; they're also fully customizable, enabling you to infuse your distinct branding effortlessly. And the cherry on top? Attractive wholesale pricing allows you to elevate your brand presence without emptying your pockets.

What makes the Qube jar truly stand out? The answer lies in its Teflon-lined child-resistant cap, ingeniously crafted to handle even the stickiest concentrates. The non-stick feature guarantees that your customers can savor every last bit of their product while ensuring safety and user-friendliness.

When it comes to odor and freshness, the Qube design is hard to beat. Its airtight and smell-proof construction preserves the aroma and freshness of your concentrates, giving your customers the full sensory experience they deserve. With a capacity to hold up to 1 gram of concentrate, these jars strike the perfect balance between size and utility.

If you're still on the fence, worry not. We offer samples so you can assess the quality and functionality of our jars before placing a larger order.

  • Customization options for a tailor-made touch
  • Attractive wholesale pricing for unbeatable value
  • Well-suited for a range of cannabis concentrates, including dabs, oils, and waxes
  • Samples available to put our product to the test
  • Effortless labeling options to highlight your brand
  • Teflon-lined child-resistant caps for safety and convenience
  • Airtight and smell-proof Qube design for peak freshness
  • Capacity for 0 to 1 gram of concentrate

Revolutionize your concentrate packaging with the Qube 5mL Clear Glass Concentrate Jar with Black Cap. Deliver a top-notch experience to your customers by combining style, practicality, and safety. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your cannabis products with this cutting-edge storage solution.


Child Resistant Qube Clear Glass Concentrate Jar w/ Black Cap | 32mm - 5mL | Sample$2.00


15% Tariff Tax Applicable at Checkout


⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning



Child Resistant | Qube Clear Glass Concentrate Jar w/ Black Cap | 32mm - 5mL - 2

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