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Fun Pipe Collage Wooden Latch Lock Stash Box w/ Accessories | 152mm - Wood



Product Specification

Explore the unique attributes of this product and find your perfect match! Whether you're a connoisseur or just starting your smoke shop journey, each feature has been thoughtfully crafted to suit your individual preferences.

Delve into the specifications to ensure that your selection aligns flawlessly with your desires and needs. With a wide range of options available, we're confident you'll find something to elevate your experience.


Type Stash Box


Attention to all who cherish unique smoke shop items! Elevate your assortment with our latest addition, the Enchanted Wooden Stash Box with Latch Lock, featuring an array of impressive accessories.


This piece is more than a mere container; it's an emblem of dedication to your smoke shop necessities.


  • Expertly crafted from organic wood, this stash box exudes a blend of rustic elegance and modern sophistication.
  • Features a dependable latch lock for securing your valuable items.
  • Included accessories are exceptional: personalized 'Greetings' name tag stickers, a refined black 38mm glass jar, and a distinctive 38mm metal grinder with an exclusive pattern.
  • Its compact dimensions of 3 x 6 inches make it ideal for safeguarding your preferred goods.
  • Every box is distinct, boasting a variety of designs on the lids, ensuring a unique experience with each acquisition.


Envision the joy of your customers as they discover these captivating boxes in your shop. Each box narrates its own story through its distinct design and functional accessories.


It's not solely about storage; it's about integrating a magical essence into daily rituals.


Don't delay in revolutionizing your shop's display. Introduce your customers to the mystical world with our Enchanted Wooden Stash Box with Latch Lock. This item transcends being just a box; it's a gateway to a realm of wonder!

Fun Pipe Collage Wooden Latch Lock Stash Box w/ Accessories | 152mm - Wood

SKU: 26841
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