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Rounded Base Clear Glass Jars | 53mm - 2oz - 32 Count

$0.59 PER UNIT $19.00 PER CASE



Fluid Volume


Approximate Flower Capacity (g)

2g - 3g



Cap Size Utilized (mm)







Glass - Type III Glass (Soda Lime)



Total Height (mm)


Neck Height (mm)


Neck Diameter (outer) (mm)


Neck Diameter (inner) (mm)


Base Diameter (mm)


Material Thickness (mm)


Max Label Size W x H (mm)

190mm x 25mm


The 2oz Rounded Base Clear Glass Jars are high-quality jars are designed specifically for the cannabis industry, offering a sophisticated and elegant way to showcase your premium marijuana flower, edibles, and more. With an array of features tailored to suit the needs of brands and retailers, these jars are a top choice for the discerning cannabis professional. Made with a unique round base, these jars offer a stand-out solution for your brand's products to make a statement amongst competitors.

Our jars come with a customizable design that allows you to personalize the jars to match your branding. Additionally, we offer wholesale prices to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The jars are compatible with 53/400 cap threading and are designed to work perfectly with child resistant caps, ensuring safety and compliance.

These jars' clear, translucent, and high clarity glass is one of their distinguishing qualities because it allows customers to see the caliber of the goods they're buying. This improves the customer experience and increases consumer confidence in your brand. The airtight and smell-proof design of these cannabis jars ensures that your products remain fresh and potent, while also reducing the risk of odor leakage.

These versatile weed jars are suitable for various uses and offer several benefits, including:

  • Easy labeling for seamless branding and product identification
  • Samples available to help you make the best choice for your business
  • A sustainable and reusable packaging option, supporting environmentally conscious practices

With a capacity to hold between 1 to 3.5 grams of cannabis flower, these jars for weed provide an optimal solution for showcasing and preserving your products. Invest in our 2oz Rounded Base Clear Glass Jars to elevate your brand and provide your customers with an exceptional experience.


Rounded Base Clear Glass Jars | 53mm - 2oz | Sample



⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning

Rounded Base Clear Glass Jars | 53mm - 2oz - 32 Count

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