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Hand Pipe

Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Carrying Case | 3.5in Long - Aluminum - Assorted


Product Specification

Explore the unique attributes of this product and find your perfect match! Whether you're a connoisseur or just starting your smoke shop journey, each feature has been thoughtfully crafted to suit your individual preferences.


Color Assorted

Length 3.5in

Material Aluminum


Here's the game-changer your shop's inventory needs. It's time to expand your range with the Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon Hand Pipe.


This pipe is a top-tier addition to any retailer's selection of smoking paraphernalia. It's crafted using the highest quality aluminum and is available in an array of vibrant colors.Let's talk size. With its compact 3.5-inch design, this hand pipe is not only portable, but it also makes for a pleasurable and comfortable smoking experience. Its size further enhances its appeal as it fits perfectly into the provided carrying case.


Customers will appreciate this added level of convenience, making it a standout choice for both novice and experienced smokers alike.The magnetic swivel lid is another feature that sets this pipe apart. A practical and innovative design element that ensures zero wastage, provides an extra layer of protection against spilling, and makes cleaning a breeze. It's the attention to details like these that have earned this pipe rave reviews.


Just imagine this pipe showcased in your store. Its sleek design, fun colors, and the practicality it offers could be the conversation starter that leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Whether they're in search of a cannabis smoking pipe or a new addition to their collection, this pipe is sure to meet their needs. Moreover, it's a fantastic option for cannabis enthusiasts who are always on the go and appreciate the convenience.


This hand pipe comes with an attractive offer for retailers – it's available at competitive wholesale prices. A strategic move to add this to your inventory could be key in boosting your profits, given its market appeal. A smart business decision, don't you agree?


Features that make the Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon Hand Pipe an ideal choice:

Compact and comfortable 3.5-inch design

High-quality aluminum construction

Available in an assortment of vibrant colorsInnovative magnetic swivel lid

Carrying case for increased portability

Competitive wholesale pricingWhat an opportunity to diversify your hand pipes collection!


With the Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon Hand Pipe in your arsenal, you can truly cater to a wider audience.


From seasoned marijuana smokers to curious beginners, this pipe's features and design make it a universally appealing choice.So, why wait? Set the trend in your local market. Stock up on these wholesale hand pipes for weed and start seeing the difference in your sales. Remember, your customers rely on your offerings for their smoking experiences. With this pipe, you can assure them of quality, convenience, and style, all in one package.


COLORS AND STYLES WILL VARY BASED ON AVAILABILITYThis product is intended for tobacco use only.INTERNATIONAL: Due to the strict enforcement of shipping regulations, it is not currently permissible to ship this item to addresses outside of the United States.

Delve into the specifications to ensure that your selection aligns flawlessly with your desires and needs. With a wide range of options available, we're confident you'll find something to elevate your experience.


Please Note: This is an assorted product. The actual colors and styles you receive will be selected randomly based on our current stock, ensuring a unique variety. We are unable to accommodate specific color or style requests for assorted items.


Desired quantity not available?


⚠️ CA Prop 65 : Warning



Swivel Lid Magnetic Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Carrying Case | 3.5in Long - Aluminum - A

SKU: 83024
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