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The Wagner Heat Tool Gun was designed to apply heat in a focused area for use with shrink wrap bands with various projects, primarily for creating temper-proof bottles and vials. The heat tool features a two temperature and fan speeds to suit the users needs while using the product. The heat gun also contains a easy to use temperature switch built into the handle for the users convenience.The items high impact plastic body makes the item indestructible. The heat tool produces 750-degrees F and 1000-degree F.

Usage Instructions: Wrap plastic shrink wrap bands around the cap of your choice of bottle or vial (pop top, reversible cap, joint tubes, etc.) and place pre-heated heat gun over shrink wrap. Follow instructions and remove when seal is formed. Now you have created a tamper proof bottle or vial to keep your cannabis products in compliance with your state's marijuana medication laws.

  • Easy to use temperature switch
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant nozzle
  • Low noise
  • Hanging hook
  • Used with shrink wrap bands

Wagner HeaWagner Heat Tool Gun - Shrinkt Tool Gun - Shrink Wrapping - 1200 Watts


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