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Our line of packaging for cannabis edibles is ideal for both the retail and medicinal environments at wholesale pricing, low minimums and fast shipping times.

Durable construction of these child resistant single serve bags keep harmful toxins and poisons away from the curious hands and minds of small children. Heat sealable closure allows for the safe storing and transporting of medicinal herbs, pharmaceuticals, cleaning pods and chlorinated pool products. These high barrier bags prevent transmission of contaminants and moisture from escaping. Single Use Child Resistant bags come stock without tear notches, so you will know your contents are safe once the bag is heat sealed closed. Packaging is made from layers of opaque material that is food safe and smell proof. These bags are difficult for children to open, but easily accessible for adults. Available in matte white and brushed silver.

  • Child resistant- heat sealable

  • No tear notches

  • Strong 5 mm side seams

  • Opaque barrier protects privacy of contents

  • High barrier vapor protection for maximum shielding and odor control

  • Food-safe, FDA approved

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